Suicide Prevention

At the Community Counselling Centre, therapy with persons who are suicidal:

  • Is compassionate, effective, and non-judgemental
  • Focuses on reducing a person’s suicidal pain
  • Promotes understanding and healing of the root causes of suicidal pain
  • Can be either short-term or long-term for individuals, couples, families, groups
  • Take an evidenced-based, multi-disciplinary, relational approach

At CCC, we believe that any of us at some point in our lives can feel so overwhelmed by intense pain, hopelessness, and helplessness that we become suicidal.

We understand that pain is a key factor in suicidality. As with all our clients, at CCC we strive to relate in a fully present, calm, and non-judgmental way, so that when a client is suicidal she or he feels emotionally safe enough to name that, and to express the type of pain they are having. We practice deep empathy with our clients to help lessen the pain associated with suicidal thoughts.

The research shows that suicide is more about wanting to end the pain than about wanting to die; thus, we help the suicidal person respond and relate to their pain in helpful ways that will ultimately lessen their pain, reduce suicidal thoughts, and prevent suicidal behaviour.

When a client is suicidal, we work with them to create plans and practices so they can stay safe wherever are at any time.

In the therapy process we focus both on what’s happening here-and-now, and on the big picture. We want to hear about the client’s experience, helping them respond to their pain in immediate helpful ways. We also bear in mind long-term factors impacting a person’s level of suicide risk. Our therapy approach integrates our understanding of the many personal and social factors including history, culture, early childhood experience, generational trauma, attachment history, biology, environment, and social stigma.

Anyone suffering with thoughts of suicide is welcome to call CCC @ 780-482-3711 for an appointment or you may email or for specific information on programs relating to suicide prevention counselling.