Inspiration in the River Valley

The other day I was cycling to work along one of the river valley trails. Scanning the view I noticed that the nesting pair of Canada Geese was back. Going back 10 years now, a pair of Canada’s has nested on that same concrete pier supporting the footbridge crossing the river. I wonder if it is the same pair or if this is the second generation that has used this nesting site? And every year the goslings make the 20 meter leap into the river with their parents, and set off on the adventure of another annual family cycle. I am inspired by these little examples of parental perseverance and devotion in other living creatures.

In my personal life and in my work as a psychotherapist I find comfort and inspiration knowing that the patterns of caring I seek to support are connected to the bigger patterns in Nature.

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  1. Cindy Martin Says:

    Very interesting and thought provoking, John

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