Focusing Oriented Therapy

…a gentle integration of mind, body and spirit

Focusing is…
a gentle way of self-exploration and therapeutic change.

Focusing grew out of evidence-based research which has continued for more than 40 years. Focusing arises out of a natural human process and brings direct access to bodily knowing. It can result in a deep, bodily-felt experience of change.

Most people are able to learn and practice sensing their own bodymind wisdom (Focusing) and come to resolution of their life challenges. This helps bring clarity to life situations and an ability to move forward in life .

In Focusing Oriented Therapy the counsellor is committed to a therapeutic relationship through which you, the client can address issues in your life. Research suggests that speaking freshly from direct felt experience rather than from memory or intellectualization of experience, is of key importance to a client’s ability to attain the changes they seek. As such, a common feature of Focusing Oriented Therapy is the goal of creating a supportive environment that allows and supports your ability to address experientially the issue you are struggling with.

What you can expect from Focusing Oriented Therapy:

  • You will be treated with respect as a whole person, capable and knowledgeable about what rings true for you in your own life. Your therapist will encourage you to check their suggestions with your own implicit sense of what feels right for you.
  • You will not be told how you should behave or who you should be. Instead your therapist will work with you to help you find the small increments of change that come with learning to listen to your own bodily-felt sense of your situation. It is this process of gentle attending that allows something new to form that can lead the way to resolving your issue or problem.
  • You can expect your therapist to have experience and training in how to be in contact with their own bodily felt sense in the therapeutic context. That expertise in Focusing will help your therapist to creatively find many ways to point you to your own felt sense.
  • A Focusing Oriented Therapist will also use that Focusing expertise to listen to you in such a way that you will experience being exactly understood.

Focusing as a self-help process.

Focusing as a form of gentle self-reflection can also be learned by an individual as a self-help process. Focusing as a self-help process is available in guided Focusing sessions with an experienced Focusing guide or through teaching sessions for those who wish to learn how to engage the Focusing process on their own. Both of these can be offered in person, via Skype or over the telephone.

Focusing training workshops – Workshop training for Focusing is available by certified Focusing Trainers. Workshops are held frequently in Edmonton, Alberta throughout the year. Please inquire when the next Focusing workshop is scheduled.

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