Counselling Practicum

The opportunity to integrate personal, theoretical and spiritual learning into effective clinical practice

The Community Counselling Centre provides a practicum experience for students in the Master of Arts in Psychotherapy and Spirituality (MPS) program at St. Stephen’s College, Edmonton, Alberta. This practicum is based on an adult learning model in which the counselling intern’s personal and professional experience is recognized as being essential to his or her learning process.

Counselling interns are invited to be proactive in identifying and achieving their learning goals. This means that, prior to admission, they will have collaborated with their student advisor in their choice of a practicum site that best suits their professional goals and learning style. As well, they will have articulated a learning covenant.

The application process involves responding to a number of questions designed to further discern a candidate’s suitability for a placement at the Community Counselling Centre. If all prerequisites are met, the applicant is then interviewed by two staff members / practicum supervisors.

Counselling Experience

Once accepted into Practicum I, interns begin working with individual clients, varying in age and presenting with a variety of issues. Through experience and supervision, interns learn the following:

  • How to initiate and maintain a therapeutic relationship
  • The use of self in the counselling process
  • Practical application of counselling theory
  • Administrative skills

Upon completion of Practicum I (150 clinical counselling hours), an intern has the option to apply for and, if accepted, proceed into Practicum II. In this case, the intern would define new learning goals, perhaps involving work with couples and families and/or more in-depth work with individuals.

Counselling Supervision

Interns have time individually with their supervisor to discuss their work and their on-going integration of theory and practice. They are encouraged to take responsibility for personal issues that impact their learning and counselling practice. The Community Counselling Centre provides an environment that emphasizes reflection on lived experience to facilitate this integrative process.

Interns participate in Case Conference (group supervision) with seasoned counsellors where clinical work is presented. In this collegial setting input is provided for the enhancement of quality counselling and for peer support.

Interns are required to be in the process of their own therapy while seeing clients.

Academic prerequisites: Counselling Skills, Ethics, Introduction to Pastoral Counselling

There is some flexibility in regards to Practicum start dates and hours of operation.

For more information please contact John Walker at 780-482-3711.