October 28, 2013

Sexual Exploitation – Dirty Little Secret Launch

Sexual Exploitation - Dirty Little Secret Launch

Sexual exploitation/sex trafficking is an issue that impacts every community, including Edmonton.

The impact is wide-ranging, affecting safety, health and wellness, and economic prosperity of the community.

But there is hope!

We can stop sexual exploitation/sex trafficking!

This is not an issue that can be solved through a single approach. This is not solely a legislative issue, an issue of poverty, a policing issue, a mental health or an addictions issue.

Sexual exploitation/sex trafficking is a community issue.

There is Hope! We can stop the exploitation if we work together. Stay informed. Sign up to receive key information

Your information will not be used for solicitation purposes. We will keep your contact information on file and send you: information about the issue, updates on what SEWG is doing, and opportunities for involvement in activities.

Go to www.dlsfilm.com

June 21, 2012

What Is Anxiety?

Anxiety is that feeling we get of “butterflies in the stomach.”
In its gentler forms, anxiety is a kind of nervousness, like when we performed at a piano recital when we were kids or when we give a speech in public. We can also feel anxious when we’re worried about a project that’s due at work, or we have trouble in our relationships or with our children. When this anxiety becomes troubling, we might begin to lose sleep about it or become easily irritable.

Anxiety is particularly scary, though, when it comes on like an attack. Sometimes these “panic attacks” come as a result of a frightening situation and sometimes they can come “out of the blue,” for no apparent reason. We have no control of it and we might even feel like we’re going to die. …