May 6, 2016

Community Counselling Centre Offers Support for Suicidal Persons

A recent Huffington Post article, I Have Mourned 14 Deaths By Suicide, Isn’t That Enough? spells out the sad reality of inadequate support for suicidal persons in Canada today. Alicia Raimundo’s point that accessing services is practically impossible when people are suicidal, really resonates with me. In my professional experience I hear of far too many suicidal persons getting sent away from emergency departments due to lack of resources and improper assessment. When they are admitted, effective treatment is seriously lacking, and upon release, referrals and follow-up rarely occur.

That’s why we at the Community Counselling Centre in Edmonton offer affordable sliding-fee scale long-term counselling. We do not have a waiting list, and we connect with people asap on the phone and in the office. Our therapy approach is non-judgmental, attentive, and informed by the research on suicide. If you or anyone you know is having thoughts of suicide please feel free to call us at 780-482-3711.

Here’s the link to Raimundo’s Huffington Post artice:

May 6, 2013

Freud and Ambivalence – entry by Susan Anderson

The month of May marks the birthdays of several people in my personal circle, and as well that of Sigmund Freud whose birthday is May 6th. While many of Freud’s claims have been discredited, one of his insights remains a useful one today: ambivalence.

Ambivalence can be defined as the psychological experience of having opposite feelings or emotions simultaneously about someone or something.

We have ambivalence when:…

June 18, 2012

Why Counselling?

Why do people choose to go “into therapy?”

Because, as human beings, we all need to give voice to the struggles we experience inside of us. Maybe there’s something troubling but you’re too embarrassed to tell your friends. A counsellor is trained to hear your story and to keep your confidence. Maybe you’ve tried telling those close to you what’s bothering you but all they do is give you cheap advice. A good psychotherapist is trained to listen first and then to help you look for you own inner wisdom.…